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wow this sucks   
10:18pm 01/06/2006
mood: pissed off
i havent been on here in a long time...but yeah i guess i just wanted to type some shit out for some reason. guess it makes me feel better? alot of stress has been building up for reasons im not exactly sure of. i know one reason is because of people i thought were my friends arent really my friends i guess. i dont know anymore honestly...im just not "in" anymore. i get left out of everything so i guess im sorta out there by myself. yeah i know im such a big baby i guess. who the fuck cares right? after high school all the people i knew become memories and im on my own so hey i guess im getting an early start? its kinda like parts of me are just dying away. the two best friends ive know my entire life have pretty much ditched me now so thats fun shit right? Jerry is going off to college which really sucks cuz it means he is pretty much gone now. i know ill see him but it wont be the same now. Nick is off doing his own thing and im not included anymore. i dont even know if i ever was im not really sure. i really miss being a part of the "gang" now. i really dont know when it started to slip away but it has and i dont know how to get it back. sorry i guess this is pretty lame of me to type this out. my bad. if you dont like it you can go choke on something...at this point i dont even give a shit. thank god for Eric and Chace or i wouldve eaten lunch by myself since i got ditched as if i were some idiot. "we were sitting in the corner" my ass. fuck you guys. you totally ditched me, thanks for being my "best friend" nick. go fuck yourself. how about that one... alright im done bitching on livejournal. sorry for pissing anyone off/depressing people but i just needed to vent i guess. yippeekayay for growing up right? Trav
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BOTB and such...   
06:32pm 05/04/2006
  wow BOTB was awesome. no we didnt win. or place, but we got so many good comments except Mr. Licon. who can go fuck himself. i mean who the hell tells someone not to come back for a 3rd performance and to get a new drummer. i fucking hate him. every year he does that just because he hates our style of music. well i hate his so FUCK HIM. but other than that life has been wonderful. got to hang out with my wonderful girlfriend sunday night which is always fun. i love spending time with her. uhh worked on the rat trap ALOT and now its not even due till next week. i wanna swim...but im not. so that was rather pointless and random. and uh BACON. ok im all good thats been my life for about a week. lata hoes.  
Holy shit   
12:32am 25/03/2006
mood: anxious
only 1 week left till battle of the bands. holy shit. holy shit. holy shit. we are going to kick so much ass this year. everything is ready unlike last year when we had just finished our thrid song. they are polished and we are working on ideas for stage presence...we are going to kick ass...
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ok i have 4 minutes   
10:56pm 14/03/2006
mood: Out there i guess
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.so many thoughts to write so little time. ok screw it im not gonna even get near what all i wanna say. but yeah. so 2 orchestra practices. my upper lip officially hates me. had a 30 minutes talk with my dad that was very good outside in the cold ass weather. he is a brilliant man when hes not being a dick or talking like a redneck. you know...the whole aint not no more good in 'er sorta thing. but he really seems to know what hes talking about. i was just laying on the trampoline looking into the stars. its been FOREVER since ive truly looked at the stars. it felt great too. kinda mystical in its own way. last time i did that steph was laying with me. i dunno just thought about that. Damn Orions belt having to take forever to find. but it kept her at my house for like an extra 15 mins so i was down with it lol. good times...ok well my four mins is up but fuck it im gonna keep going cuz im kinda on a roll of stuff to say. but now that i said that ill prolly stop typing very soon. wow Justin Leonard's dad played with Bob Segar and Ted Nugent. thats pretty effing pimp. "laid underneath the stars, strung out and feeling brave, watch the riddles glow, watch them float away" good lyrics from an excellent song. god i want to be a guitarist when im older. too bad its only a dream. i really wanna make it thought. it would be the best job ever. i dunno i guess its to much of a long shot. oh well. theres only 17 more days till BOTB. im extremely excited about that. i can't wait. the adrenaline that pumps through your blood when your on the stage with the birght lights shining in your face. its the best feeling in the world. well not the best theres been a few better ones in my life. basically this year. but its a runner up. wow this is gonna be a huge ass post. i didnt even realize how much ive typed. well i guess im gonna go to bed so my sleepy ass will wake up in la manana. lata bitches. King Travis Reginold William Earp III
08:19am 28/02/2006
mood: ecstatic
this has officially been the best month of my life. i have the BEST girlfriend ever and im absolutely in love with her. Thank you babe, for the best 1 month of my life. Ah i feel so good. im anxious for tonight too! BOTB tryouts. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH great times.
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09:36pm 19/02/2006
mood: ecstatic
this was by far the best weekend ever. we went to the lakehouse with my wonderful girlfriend and it was GREAT! like undescribably great. like im gonna try to make up words that sound legit to try and describe how undescribable it was. (that is if undescribably isnt a word). i feel like ive been in a dream and i love it. its the best dream ive ever had and if i had the choice, i would most definately choose to sleep forever. Im the luckiest guy in the entire world.
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i hate being sick   
07:29pm 07/02/2006
mood: tired
i do feel much better than i did earlier today though. i felt like crap at school but ive been sleeping all day and im still freakin tired. ill definately be back tomorrow, hopefully this is the last day of me being sick. well im off! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH!
03:52pm 31/01/2006
mood: ecstatic
wow life is great. i love it. i love everything that is going on in my life. well aside from getting in the fender bender this morning. other than that i couldnt be happier than this.
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10:45pm 29/01/2006
mood: ecstatic
today was GREAT! like frosted flakes except it wasnt cereal. was it a dream or reality? if its a dream please dont wake me up...i want to sleep forever. WOW. and its official!
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08:15am 26/01/2006
mood: ecstatic
wow musical is going full force for all and today is opening night! woo! well life is great for me. im in love with this one pretty cool girl i know. :D and um wow. theres pretty much only been one thought going through my mind and thats her. god im lame lol. but its how i feel. i couldnt be any happier than this.
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08:40pm 22/01/2006
mood: ecstatic
today was uh pretty much the best day ever. end of story.
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wow this weekend was CRAZY...so far.   
04:08pm 15/01/2006
mood: ecstatic
well since the weekend isnt over yet theres still misteries. but friday and sat were AWESOME!! region was cool. Friday night i got around 45 mins of sleep. fun shit really i couldnt beleive i stayed awake adise from dozing off on my McDonalds cup. i had other imprinted on my head for a bit. jeremiah was the first to fall asleep so we put easy cheese all over his face and he tried to throw it but it hit the wall instead so now the wall has easy cheese on it. jerry got cracker slapped by ritz crackers and pickle slapped. which was hilarious. Jonathan Pena can make farting noises in his throat which kept us entertained for like 30 minutes. "just friend spooning" off of futurama added to the hilarity. wow it was fun. peanut fights at the Texas Roadhouse kick ass too. we played hide and seek in the dillards at the mall we went too. and uh yeah thats about it. i slept till 1 today WOO! anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd the end.
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10:24am 25/12/2005
mood: ecstatic
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been a while   
08:33pm 20/11/2005
mood: ecstatic
where to start...i dunno life has just been going GREAT. i havent been so happy in a long time. ive been playing my guitar like every second of the day today lol. i played baseball and pegged my dad WOO! he has a bruise on his ribs lol. i only pegged him once. i threw out my arm though so that sucks. but it was well worth it. My mom found my Lynyrd Skynyrd cd. i gave up hope on that hoe but she found it so im am excited about that WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me n jerry need to work on our song for Mrs Barkers class. thatll be fun stuff. i dunno lol life has just been awesome for the past week. its been the best its been since like the begining of summer. well i guess im gonna continue playing my guitar so ill c ya lata.
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02:22pm 12/11/2005
mood: happy
ok...title was random i suppose. last night was cool. we saw the fog and i screamed. fun stuff. i wasnt scared because the movie was absolutely ridiculous. so my screaming was in order to spice it up a bit. but it was cool. then me n jerry went to my house then back to his house now carrying my stuff cuz i spent the night over thur. got up this morning got shipleys went back to jerrys with the shipleys. played baseball and star wars. came home and just burned a CD. and we have a freakin football game today which BLOWS. but o well. ill make the best of it. i will have no voice left if im not careful though. its already halfway gone :( lol. eh thats ok though. out for now. lata
hmm i dont know lol   
08:28pm 10/11/2005
mood: thoughtful
well today was cool. not a bad day not a good day just kinda content. i made a song today so maybe we can add it onto the long list of songs we have planned. its pretty cool sounding. no band cuz the Rice thing got canceled.no eggs n babels tonight :(, but we rescheduled it to tomorrow night. i wanna play baseball tomorrow afterschool so i guess i better start telling people lol. i guess thats just me though. the guy that always procrastinates on everything he does. especially according to my parents. i think im just going crazy. fun stuff really. i dont even know why. my school grades are going down so ill prolly be grounded from my car. yipee.life seems somewhat aimless right now i dont know why for that either. just a feeling i guess. i now know that i made a HUGE mistake and regret it but i guess thats kinda life. honestly im not even dure what im typing is comprehendable cuz im just sorta typing as i think so its very random. sorry...thats how i roll. guess im in one of my thinking moods. i hate them so much though cuz i always end up thinking about something ive done wrong, which is about where im at right now. a bit on the nerdy side but the new star wars game is pretty pimp. ok off the nerdiness. i wish this year wouldnt of happened. the only good thing is that i can drive. well i think im gonna go cuz my thoughts are going deeper than what id prefer to post on lj. i guess ill c you hoes lata.

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06:35pm 09/11/2005
mood: happy
howdy there everyone. its been like 5 days since my last post. i really dont know how long its been thats just a guess. not much has been going on, just the usual stuff. ive been having a lot of fun lately. Dissonance is doing good, need to start baseball again, i saw Saw 2 with Nick n Jonny 5. it was awesome. not much has happened. tomorrow night is Eggs and Babels night WOO! and uh yeah. so thats about it. i guess im out for now lata.
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life isnt so bad anymore   
03:57pm 01/11/2005
mood: cheerful
life is going pretty good what can i say...im happy and free, i have no worries nor cares of opinions. im still not quite myself but im getting there. ive had a fairly decent life since ive tried to go back to normal. (just for clarification in any future ordeal, im not happy cuz of being done with brooke. im happy cuz im being myself). i dont want any wrong info getting out so theres whats happened. and i STILL HAVE TO GO TO STEPHANIES FOR EGGS AND WAFFLES!!! no mas canceling lol. but ill be there this freakin thursday i swear. and if not shes gonna castrate me AH! Halloween thing wasnt half bad, we all just kinda chilled and watched friday the 13th. Dissonance is going good too. we just finished our 4th song FINALLY! it took us long enough but scheduling has been very hard. its called Flint and our next song is called Above the Sky. Baseball was AWESOME besides us losing miserably. but it was the most fun ive had in a long time. we lost 13-5. i scored the first run by stealing every base lol. funny stuff. someone else needs to get around 12 people on a team to play against us and we can make our own league. itll be fun stuff.well i guess thats about whats going on in the mind of Travis right now so i guess ill go do something. lata hoes
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Life isnt half bad...   
09:52pm 25/10/2005
  IM GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! im so ready. competition blew and the bus ride was boring but oh well. thats about all so lata  
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thinking again...oh dear   
06:34pm 24/10/2005
mood: awake (metaphorically i guess)
Well i didnt post after homecoming cuz i was so tired and i didnt post yesterday cuz...well i didnt feel like it, but now theres some shit i just wanna say. I dont care if you dont read this, and if you dont want to hear my normal bullshit then dont continue. well its a little different than normal. but anyways...homecoming licked balls. Brooke spent almost half the dance crying because of a misunderstanding. so i felt like an asshole all night. first homecoming down the shitter. but hey thats how it goes. Finally though i think ive made the first right decision ive made in a long time. this entire summer ive just masked myself to impress her i think atleast. im not sure. but something changed and i havent been myself and thats bullshit of me to do. so im changing it from now on. im done with trying with brooke i dont want to even go there for now. im just going to keep my distance and just let her go. its the right thing to do. im not going to persist in something i dont even think can work anymore. as for CoST im not really sure what im going to do. Its time i started to be myself again. im tired of growing distant from my friends just because im stupid lol. and im sorry to anyone i might have hurt during my stupid times. im an idiot for what i did and should have known better than to chase this. my friends told me i was making a mistake and i chose not to listen and now i realize i really did make a mistake. im like the biggest asshole in the world for not listening to the people who cared about me. i blinded myself from everything else and only saw the good and i completely missed what was happening to me. well thats all ive got for now. but im not going to be this new guy i created over the summer, and its time to be my old self again. i had more fun that way anyways
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